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Author Topic: Latest Update [LAST UPDATED IN 15/01/2014]  (Read 24 times)

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Latest Update [LAST UPDATED IN 15/01/2014]
« on: January 10, 2014, 09:41:40 pm »
Server now has a new donator rank as from now on the donator ranks are as follow:

Donator rank (has crown and works)

Super donator rank (rank works still need a few tweaks and need crown to be added)

Extreme donator rank (has crown and works aswell)

I've added The owner and Co-Owner ranks aswell due to the highest rank begin admin and could be hard to distigue an admin from the owner or co-owner

The commands that only the owner can do will be added in their respective places as soon as the rank is 100% completed need to add crown to both ranks

Donators can now wear winged auras the tiers will be setted below according to each donator level

Donators - tier 1 and 2 (Small wings and greater auras)

Super donators - Tier 3 (master auras)

Extreme donator - All tiers above aswell as tier 4 (supreme auras)

For now Super donator is not on the donation shop and doesn't has any items that requiere the rank to be worn even tho you do need to be super donator to wear or use master auras you might be able to wear them but it will requiere super donator to be activated more items to super donator will be added soon

Completionist cape stand has been added at home it will reward players that have all non combat skills level 99  with a max cape and for those that achieve all skills mastered and that haven't claimed the max cape before will receive both completionist cape and max cape note that even tho you receive the completionist cape after getting all skills mastered you still need to have completed the completionist cape requeriments to be able to wear it otherwise you will get it but will not be able to finish them the requeriments for completionist cape and max cape will be stated below:

Max cape requeriments - total level of 1700 and level 99 in all non-combat skills including dungeoneering (im not sure if it will work to get it with more than level 99)

Completionist cape requeriments - atleast 1 fight pits game won 100 bosses killed in dominion tower (a big advice corporeal beast appears in the tower if by any chances you try all 100 bosses in a row or even if you don't try if you get corporeal beast as boss do not try beat her you will be slaughter corporeal beast has the same hp as runescape if jagex didn't raised/lowered it (wich means 20k hp)  corporeal beast for what i know it's impossible to solo if you aren't using the deathtouched darts as she hits very high with magic and can hit thrue prayer), atleast 1 game of fight kiln complete (requieres fight caves done before you can start the fight kiln), at least 1 fight caves game done, nomad requeim quest done, a total level of 2496, level 99 in all skills and level 120 Dungeoneering and have slayed queen black dragon atleast once (qbd is one of the hardest bosses to defeat before corp it is harder to defeat qbd than corp the only difference is that you can team up at corp but you can't at qbd wich makes it harder and she hits pretty good)

You could try and complete all the completionist cape main requeriments including killing queen black dragon first (the max total level was a small addiction as in that way even without the main requeriments you would need a maxed account to wear it like in rs since if i removed the requeriments you would be able to wear it in level 3 wich it's not suppost to happen) so it makes it easier to get the cape since getting all skills maxed is kinda easy apart from slayer hunter and summoning wich they need to be re-done (might add them with a easy training way like dungeoneering and construction)

With the addicition of the completionist cape stand added at home you not only will need the skill requeriments above but as well as 5m to claim the completionist cape and 8m to claim the max cape if you claim the completionist cape before you claimed the max cape you will need 13m in your inventory to get the capes other wise it will warn you that you can not claim the capes because you do not have the money if you have 8m and not 5m you might only get the max cape if you have 5m and not 8m you might only get the completionist cape and not the max cape but if you have the 13m you will get both capes and the money will dissapear from your inventory (might add so it removes from the pouch and inventory so if that gets added make sure you don't have 26m on you 13m on inventory and 13m on money pouch otherwise it will remove the money from both places)
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