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Author Topic: Latest Server Updates [23/02/2015]  (Read 116 times)

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Latest Server Updates [23/02/2015]
« on: February 09, 2015, 09:42:15 pm »
Hello everyone server continues to be updated the new updates will be setted below:

New pets added:

All godwars bosses including nex

Corporeal beast

Tormented demon

King black dragon

Queen black dragon

and vorago (vorago has been added as boss aswell only Vibbs knew that i had already added vorago pet once but cache got corrupted after i tryied to add the boss and i didn't had a backup of it therefore most of the new custom items that were added were lost in the process vorago pet might be changed to vitalis not sure yet at the moment it is just a miniature of vorago)

Non-boss pet added:

Sister Catherina - This pet can only be used by the owner unless the player has premission from the owner to use it this pet has not been resized only been given the pick-up and interact-with options aswell as a level of 16959 but it does not fight against npcs/players aswell as the other boss pets

Client login music as changed when server comes back online i will let you know wich song was choosed for it :p

[NEWST UPDATE DONE ON 09/02/2015 at 9:35PM]:

The song Scape Original has been replaced with the login music for those players that like the login music they will have it in the game aswell

Drop updates:

The pets scrolls have been added to their respective npcs note that vorago is not yet player fightable as it is not spawned in-game as his drops still need to be finished at the moment he only drops the pet scroll at a rate of 15% chance and big bones with a 100% drop rate due to it only having 2 items its mostly likely to see him droping the pet scroll frequently because of that i haven't spawned him in-game untill his drops are finished

EDIT#1: Newst update after 3 attempts before to add master divination cape is has now been added to the game divination will not be added sadly (due to the server revision being too low for the items and objects the skill requieres)

White torva platebody has been re-added it was the only missing piece of the white torva set

Corruption cape will be added aswell (remember only extreme donators will have acess to this cape

Below is a preview of the master divination cape (it is based on the dungeoneering master cape it has no bonus at the moment but its bonus will be the same as the dungeoneering master cape)

Super Donator rank has been added

Super donator cape (based off the donator cape with the same layout as the divination cape)

And this is the updates for now guys keep in touch for more updates comming soon server is being updated almost daily
« Last Edit: February 27, 2015, 10:25:43 pm by Catherina »

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