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Author Topic: In-Game Rules(LAST UPDATED ON 07/02/2014)  (Read 137 times)

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In-Game Rules(LAST UPDATED ON 07/02/2014)
« on: February 04, 2013, 12:53:19 pm »
Remember to follow this rules to not get punished.

No fc in white/red portals - you will get killed if you do (fc is only allowed between magers and rangers)

Anyone caught in wild using any high bonus status armour/weapon will be automatically jailed and will have the armour/weapon removed (Ex: Using full dragonbone + dual tri godsword + death cape in wild will have the account automatically jailed for 2 hours and the items removed)

if staff decide to fight in wild they are not allowed to use any high bonus armour unless the other party allowes it they will be demoted for 2 days

The use of deathtouched darts is allowed in wild but note that they do not kill the player in one hit it only does that to all tested NPCs except Queen Black Dragon

The use of deathtouched darts in Wilderness Castle Wars or Clan Wars is forbbiden anyone caught doing this will get all the darts (if got any left) all pvp tokens removed and 24h jail!

Do not use offensive language (mute), mild language is aloud

Do not scam items and or passwords (account reseted to the scammer player and 2h jail and 1day banned from server if made password scamming)

Auto clicking is against the rules!( we will catch you!)

auto types enabled(5+sec) NO SERVER ADVERTING ALLOWED you will be ipbanned on sight if you are caught advertising other servers!

Farming dungeoneering tokens to get pvp items is not allowed if you are caught selling any dungeoneering item to get pvp items you will get your item removed! (dungeoneering items will be removed from the pvp shop but still you are not allowed to sell those items to that shop if they get sellable to it!)

Luring is aloud, however do not complain to staff! Staff will not in any way give items that have been lost due to lure.

Respect ALL staff members, and fellow players.

NO advertisments aloud (automaticly Ipban)

if you see someone flaming really badly contact a admin if you flame any staff member in any way you will be muted if still flaming through yell (if you are donator) you will be banned from server for 1h.

Do NOT ask staff for any item because they will not give!

Staff hunting is not allowed you will be permanent banned if you try to do staff hunting (begging for staff)

No staff impressions alowed that will blow all your chances to EVER become staff and will get you jailed for 3 hours.

Do not ask any staff member for staff you must earn it.
« Last Edit: July 12, 2015, 03:46:31 pm by Catherina »

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