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Author Topic: Forum Rules  (Read 42 times)

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Forum Rules
« on: February 04, 2013, 12:47:44 pm »
1. Do NOT disrespect ANY InsidiousX staff. No matter what rank they are (they are aloud to mute you if you do so making a second acount to keep doing it will result in an one week ban.

2. If you have any problems/bugs please report them to Catherina, prefix or any other staff member on forums and/or in game if there are no staff members online make a new post located here.

3. Remember to vote EVERY DAY. It will help the server grow a lot and will get us more players.

4. If you do not like someone you do not have to make it a public announcement. Dont act like 3 year olds!!!

5. Dragon, and all staff members will do as much as they can if you need help with anything. There are some things we cannot do but we will try.

6. If there are any drastic changes (such as resets or rollbacks), do not get angry (DO NOT RAGE), just play to the best of your abilities if the rollback was due to a massive account reset (common on eco resets) do not fear you will not get any items you had back except if you had donated to any (proof needed to give the donated item).

7. If you are a newer player you can ask anyone questions about where to begin and how to begin.

8. If any changes need made then PLEASE report them to the suggestions category.

9. If you are muted or banned then you must have done something to deserve so. If not then report it to us. If yes then you will have to make an unban/unmute appeal (if you are simply banned you can make a new account and try to talk with a staff member incase it is a ipban then you must make an unban appeal. Note!: If you make a new account after geting a non ipban and you rage against staff they can and will ip-ban you!!)

10. Double posting = 1 warning after 5 warnings or after your warning bar passes the 60% u will be banned from forums for 24 hours up to 48 hours max and will get your post count reduced to 1 post if only got 1 post it will be removed.

11. Flooding/spamming the Xatbox or Shoutbox will get u warned after your warning bar is at 25% you will be banned from the forums for 24h if done on XatBox you will be muted if by ANY chance you make a new account on the XaTbox you will be temporarly banned from the xatbox for double accounting

12. DO NOT post on other peoples applications (this applies for ingame/forum admin applications only you can still post on ingame/forum mod applications) it will get you warned (after a second warning we will add the 3rd warning to your warning bar).

13. Have a nice time on the server, play nicely, and respect EVERYBODY to not get punished
« Last Edit: November 29, 2013, 02:11:29 pm by Catherina »

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