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Topics - Catherina

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Events / Fight pits event!
« on: April 06, 2013, 12:32:06 pm »
I'm thinking in organise a fight pits event the winner will receive a rare! Yes rares will become unspawnable again but with the players we have at the moment its a little complicated i need between 10 and 20 players online for the event to be done so don't forget to advertise for new players! oh yeah this is one of the requeriments for completionist cape as well as one of the hardest ones taking out kiln and QBD.

Guides / Fight cave Gear
« on: March 24, 2013, 11:54:52 am »
I've been thinking awile back in doing this. This is a guide for the fight cave minigame

Gear for magers:

Virtus mask
Virtus robe legs
Battle-mage robe
Polypore staff
Arcane stream necklace
Goliath gloves (white)
Ragefire boots
Arcane spirit shield
Completionist cape or max cape (since comp cape requires fight caves to be completed before you can wear it)
Seer's ring (i) for donators, for non donators use the normal seer's ring

(Igonore the aura it doesnt give any bonus)

Gear For meleers:

Torva full helm
Torva platebody
Torva platelegs
Chaotic maul
Comp cape/max cape
Amulet of fury (if your looking for defence bonus) or amulet of strenght (wich will give you a better crush attack bonus)
Steadfast boots
Goliath gloves (white)
Berserker ring (i)/normal

Gear for rangers:

Ive seen people using pernix has ranger gear but what we are looking for is a good crush magic or range attack bonus and i've seen that vanguar set gives 253+ range bonus (in attack bonus) than pernix wich only gives 252 so here's the rangers gear:

Vanguard helm
Vanguard body
Vanguard legs
Chaotic crossbow
Chaotic kiteshield
Goliath gloves (white)
Archers ring (i) or normal
Comp cape/max cape
Glaiven boots
Amulet of ranging
Dragon bolts (e)

Note that it might give lower than 253+ range bonus due to the cape and the ring

This are the best gears for fight cave unless you find a better gear please let me knowand this are the iventories for each gear

Magic inventory:

6 prayer renewal flask (6)
5 Extreme magic flask (6)
12 rocktails (incase something goes wrong and you get hit by the meelers and the magers)
death water astral blood and earth runes for ice blitz to freeze them and for ice barrage for hiting various opponents at the same time

Melee inventory:

Even in melee gear i recommend to use the ice blitz since the magers hit high in both magic and melee and its hard to defend against melee and magic since you can know when he is gonna magic but not when he is gonna melee so i recomend ice blitz for the magers part

6 Prayer renewal flask (6)
3 Overload flasks (6)
3 saradoming brew flasks (6)
11 rocktails

Range inventory:

7 Prayer renewal flask (6)
8 Extreme ranging flask (6)
13 rocktails

To get the 3 gears without having to search for the ids and spawn simply do ::fcgear it will give you the 3 gears (runes pots and food not included due to leak of space)

::fcgear has been disabled the items will be added to a shop soon

Official Staff team / Official InsidiousX Staff List
« on: February 04, 2013, 12:58:41 pm »
InsidiousX's Official Staff List

Owner - Catherina, Open

Co-Owner - Open

Ingame Admins - Open, Open, Open

Ingame Mods - Open, Open, Open, Open

Support Team - Open, Open, Open, Open, Open

Server Coders - Catherina, Open, Open

Forums Moderators - Open, Open, Open

Forums Adminsitrators - Open, Open

Rules / In-Game Rules(LAST UPDATED ON 07/02/2014)
« on: February 04, 2013, 12:53:19 pm »
Remember to follow this rules to not get punished.

No fc in white/red portals - you will get killed if you do (fc is only allowed between magers and rangers)

Anyone caught in wild using any high bonus status armour/weapon will be automatically jailed and will have the armour/weapon removed (Ex: Using full dragonbone + dual tri godsword + death cape in wild will have the account automatically jailed for 2 hours and the items removed)

if staff decide to fight in wild they are not allowed to use any high bonus armour unless the other party allowes it they will be demoted for 2 days

The use of deathtouched darts is allowed in wild but note that they do not kill the player in one hit it only does that to all tested NPCs except Queen Black Dragon

The use of deathtouched darts in Wilderness Castle Wars or Clan Wars is forbbiden anyone caught doing this will get all the darts (if got any left) all pvp tokens removed and 24h jail!

Do not use offensive language (mute), mild language is aloud

Do not scam items and or passwords (account reseted to the scammer player and 2h jail and 1day banned from server if made password scamming)

Auto clicking is against the rules!( we will catch you!)

auto types enabled(5+sec) NO SERVER ADVERTING ALLOWED you will be ipbanned on sight if you are caught advertising other servers!

Farming dungeoneering tokens to get pvp items is not allowed if you are caught selling any dungeoneering item to get pvp items you will get your item removed! (dungeoneering items will be removed from the pvp shop but still you are not allowed to sell those items to that shop if they get sellable to it!)

Luring is aloud, however do not complain to staff! Staff will not in any way give items that have been lost due to lure.

Respect ALL staff members, and fellow players.

NO advertisments aloud (automaticly Ipban)

if you see someone flaming really badly contact a admin if you flame any staff member in any way you will be muted if still flaming through yell (if you are donator) you will be banned from server for 1h.

Do NOT ask staff for any item because they will not give!

Staff hunting is not allowed you will be permanent banned if you try to do staff hunting (begging for staff)

No staff impressions alowed that will blow all your chances to EVER become staff and will get you jailed for 3 hours.

Do not ask any staff member for staff you must earn it.

Rules / Forum Rules
« on: February 04, 2013, 12:47:44 pm »
1. Do NOT disrespect ANY InsidiousX staff. No matter what rank they are (they are aloud to mute you if you do so making a second acount to keep doing it will result in an one week ban.

2. If you have any problems/bugs please report them to Catherina, prefix or any other staff member on forums and/or in game if there are no staff members online make a new post located here.

3. Remember to vote EVERY DAY. It will help the server grow a lot and will get us more players.

4. If you do not like someone you do not have to make it a public announcement. Dont act like 3 year olds!!!

5. Dragon, and all staff members will do as much as they can if you need help with anything. There are some things we cannot do but we will try.

6. If there are any drastic changes (such as resets or rollbacks), do not get angry (DO NOT RAGE), just play to the best of your abilities if the rollback was due to a massive account reset (common on eco resets) do not fear you will not get any items you had back except if you had donated to any (proof needed to give the donated item).

7. If you are a newer player you can ask anyone questions about where to begin and how to begin.

8. If any changes need made then PLEASE report them to the suggestions category.

9. If you are muted or banned then you must have done something to deserve so. If not then report it to us. If yes then you will have to make an unban/unmute appeal (if you are simply banned you can make a new account and try to talk with a staff member incase it is a ipban then you must make an unban appeal. Note!: If you make a new account after geting a non ipban and you rage against staff they can and will ip-ban you!!)

10. Double posting = 1 warning after 5 warnings or after your warning bar passes the 60% u will be banned from forums for 24 hours up to 48 hours max and will get your post count reduced to 1 post if only got 1 post it will be removed.

11. Flooding/spamming the Xatbox or Shoutbox will get u warned after your warning bar is at 25% you will be banned from the forums for 24h if done on XatBox you will be muted if by ANY chance you make a new account on the XaTbox you will be temporarly banned from the xatbox for double accounting

12. DO NOT post on other peoples applications (this applies for ingame/forum admin applications only you can still post on ingame/forum mod applications) it will get you warned (after a second warning we will add the 3rd warning to your warning bar).

13. Have a nice time on the server, play nicely, and respect EVERYBODY to not get punished

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