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Topics - Catherina

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Anouncements / New Forums Comming soon
« on: February 02, 2014, 12:00:56 am »
As the title says it we will be having a new forum page im working together with Dream in finishing the new Forum page. As soon as the new forums is done we will let you know

Anouncements / Second world/source
« on: January 30, 2014, 12:35:25 pm »
I have found a new source wich it is 718 loading 753 and is ready for a eco server (still need alot of changes tho) and i was thinking in hosting the current one and the new one like if it was 2 worlds a eco one and a spawn one the current source would be returned to spawn not full spawn like it used to be it would become more of a spawn/pk and the second source would be come our eco source what do you think? Vote on the poll above the poll will be opened for the next 30 days.

Anouncements / Server's Cache revision update!
« on: January 27, 2014, 03:13:58 pm »
Our cache might suffer a big update in the next couple days as everyone knows the current revision of our cache is the highest revision before runscape turned into eoc (AKA 742). Well since i updated to 742 cache that i have been looking for a 750+ cache so people can use drygores well i finally found a 753 cache and it has khalphite armor and drygores aswell as off-hand items i am looking for a tester to help me test the cache (i have a new source has well that has many things wich i might change to it looking for someone to test it with me)

Server Updates / New updates!
« on: January 24, 2014, 03:49:36 pm »
More loyalty titles have been added i'll re-update the loyalty titles post soon with the new titles

Deathtouched darts no longer have bonus they have been fixed and now kill every monster and i mean really every monster with one hit like they are suppost to they no longer hit 1k on qbd and corp nor 500 on nex the darts now hit thrue their damage cap therefore their bonuses were removed from 9999 to 0 and they no longer interfer with dragonbone armour or any of the best items in game since they don't have stats anymore note that they ONLY 1 hit kill npcs not players

Anouncements / VPS Problem
« on: January 23, 2014, 08:21:08 pm »
Today i was trying to re-buy the old VPS i had but for some reason it was rejecting the payment i will re-try the payment tommorrow again if it keeps rejecting i will try to look for a new VPS provider and will be looking for a VPS provider that provide with a pre-payement as it makes it easy for me to pay it

General Discussion / MOVED: In game IDeassss!!!
« on: January 23, 2014, 05:33:24 pm »

Anouncements / Voting Page Links outdated [UPDATE 2]
« on: January 19, 2014, 12:14:12 pm »
As some of you might know our voting page has been having quite some issues with the button links begin outdated don't fear as this links will be updated soon untill there click Here to vote on moparscape


Majority of links are working if you right click and open in a new tab it will still be fixed to open within the page and runelocus link will be removed if i won't get able to re-add the server on runelocus


All links are n ow working (note that some links will say dragonscape do not fear as that was how the server was called before the name was changed you will need to right click on the links and open them in a new tab or they will not open it will be fixed soon)

Anouncements / Inactive account deletion [Server 24/7 untill tuesday]
« on: January 15, 2014, 01:17:31 pm »
Hello felow players from time to time i will be checking on every account activity any account inactive will be deleted by a period of time untill it gets permanent deleted, this is begin done to save some space on my pc sice it is not being hosted on a vps and to give chance to new players that might want to use a username that they can nt because it is already taken by an inactive player. Just to warn all players that untill the next tuesday (if nothing worng happens) server will be online 24/7.

Anouncements / A little warning for all exploit abusers
« on: January 12, 2014, 05:58:50 pm »
As from now on we will be taking serious the exploting problem everyone that finds a exploit and fails to warn a staff member (excluding supporters) and instead exploit the bug will have 2 warnings and the items removed if you get a third warning you will be banned for 3 days 4th warning will result on a 1 week ban and the 5th warning will block your possibility to either drop or trade with other players only admin+ will be able to trade with you if you get your trade disabled and this is because you would still be able to drop the item for that person and blocking you from dropping the item the only way to get ride of the item will be by using ::empty and do not try lie if you actually didn't exploit please inform a staff member with the name of the exploiter and we will put their account under surveillence if they get caught exploiting they will be automatically banned with 1 chance to appeal

Server Updates / Latest Update [LAST UPDATED IN 15/01/2014]
« on: January 10, 2014, 09:41:40 pm »
Server now has a new donator rank as from now on the donator ranks are as follow:

Donator rank (has crown and works)

Super donator rank (rank works still need a few tweaks and need crown to be added)

Extreme donator rank (has crown and works aswell)

I've added The owner and Co-Owner ranks aswell due to the highest rank begin admin and could be hard to distigue an admin from the owner or co-owner

The commands that only the owner can do will be added in their respective places as soon as the rank is 100% completed need to add crown to both ranks

Donators can now wear winged auras the tiers will be setted below according to each donator level

Donators - tier 1 and 2 (Small wings and greater auras)

Super donators - Tier 3 (master auras)

Extreme donator - All tiers above aswell as tier 4 (supreme auras)

For now Super donator is not on the donation shop and doesn't has any items that requiere the rank to be worn even tho you do need to be super donator to wear or use master auras you might be able to wear them but it will requiere super donator to be activated more items to super donator will be added soon

Completionist cape stand has been added at home it will reward players that have all non combat skills level 99  with a max cape and for those that achieve all skills mastered and that haven't claimed the max cape before will receive both completionist cape and max cape note that even tho you receive the completionist cape after getting all skills mastered you still need to have completed the completionist cape requeriments to be able to wear it otherwise you will get it but will not be able to finish them the requeriments for completionist cape and max cape will be stated below:

Max cape requeriments - total level of 1700 and level 99 in all non-combat skills including dungeoneering (im not sure if it will work to get it with more than level 99)

Completionist cape requeriments - atleast 1 fight pits game won 100 bosses killed in dominion tower (a big advice corporeal beast appears in the tower if by any chances you try all 100 bosses in a row or even if you don't try if you get corporeal beast as boss do not try beat her you will be slaughter corporeal beast has the same hp as runescape if jagex didn't raised/lowered it (wich means 20k hp)  corporeal beast for what i know it's impossible to solo if you aren't using the deathtouched darts as she hits very high with magic and can hit thrue prayer), atleast 1 game of fight kiln complete (requieres fight caves done before you can start the fight kiln), at least 1 fight caves game done, nomad requeim quest done, a total level of 2496, level 99 in all skills and level 120 Dungeoneering and have slayed queen black dragon atleast once (qbd is one of the hardest bosses to defeat before corp it is harder to defeat qbd than corp the only difference is that you can team up at corp but you can't at qbd wich makes it harder and she hits pretty good)

You could try and complete all the completionist cape main requeriments including killing queen black dragon first (the max total level was a small addiction as in that way even without the main requeriments you would need a maxed account to wear it like in rs since if i removed the requeriments you would be able to wear it in level 3 wich it's not suppost to happen) so it makes it easier to get the cape since getting all skills maxed is kinda easy apart from slayer hunter and summoning wich they need to be re-done (might add them with a easy training way like dungeoneering and construction)

With the addicition of the completionist cape stand added at home you not only will need the skill requeriments above but as well as 5m to claim the completionist cape and 8m to claim the max cape if you claim the completionist cape before you claimed the max cape you will need 13m in your inventory to get the capes other wise it will warn you that you can not claim the capes because you do not have the money if you have 8m and not 5m you might only get the max cape if you have 5m and not 8m you might only get the completionist cape and not the max cape but if you have the 13m you will get both capes and the money will dissapear from your inventory (might add so it removes from the pouch and inventory so if that gets added make sure you don't have 26m on you 13m on inventory and 13m on money pouch otherwise it will remove the money from both places)

A brand new requeriment was added to the completionist cape apart from 100 dominion tower boss kills, the completition of the fight kiln minigame, the completition of the fight caves minigame, the win of the fight pits minigame and the completition of the nomad requiem quest you now must have a total level of 2496 and all skills level 99 and duneoneering level 120 to be able to wear this cape. All the requeriments to this cape will be stated below:

"You need to have kill atleast 100 bosses in the Dominion tower to use this cape."

"You need to complete at least once fight kiln minigame to use this cape." (fight caves must be done first before starting fight kiln otherwise you won't be able to enter this minigame)

"You need a total level of 2496, level 99 in all skills and level 120 Dungeoneering to wear this cape."

"You need to win at least once fight pits minigame to use this cape."

"You need to have slayed queen black dragon atleast once."

"You need to have completed Nomad's Requiem miniquest to use this cape."

"Complete at least once fight cave minigame to use this cape."

To a small addition to the requeriments and since max cape didn't had any requeriments i decided to add a small requeriment to the max cape the requeriment will be stated below (will be updated if new requeriments are added):

"You need a total level of 1700 and level 99 in all non-combat skills including dungeoneering to wear this cape."

Expect to see more requeriments added to the max cape even if its already hard to wear it like it is now this is to make fighting players to train their non combat skills to get better stat bonus in wild when wearing the max cape only the most dedicated players will be able to complete all the requeriments for the completionist cape for those that achieve the max cape will be a step closer to completionist cape but note that killing queen black dragon, completing fight kiln and win atleast 1 fight pits game will not be an easy task

Events / Login between 24 and 31st december to win a random reward!
« on: December 24, 2013, 01:09:22 pm »
Hello fellow players as from today untill 31 december by login in-game you will receive a christmas present that will contain either a rare item, a holiday item or a second christmas present. Note that making a new account will not work as it logs the ip so only one ip can receive one christmas present per day (unless you buy it off another player or win a second present from the first one)The items it will random give are all coloured phats, christmas cracker, rubber chicken, all hween masks, snow globe, christmas ghost robes, santa hat, santa custom, candy cane, a chance of winning another christmas box, double spin ticket, normal spin ticket, easter egg, easter ring, easter basket, bunny tail, bunny ears, and a chance of winning a shiny xp lamp (for those that do not like a maxed account right away and that like to train their own levels and win a shiny xp lamp from the present can sell it to players note that the lamp will instant give you 200m in all skills when used wich makes it bad for skillers its price is around 50-100m per lamp as it is a very hard lamp to get)

« on: December 20, 2013, 09:50:58 pm »
Dear dragonscapers our V7 client is now updated and ready for download (sorry for it not working before the ip was setted to the local host thats why it wasnt loading) Our two wenclient pages are down to future fix as they aren't accepting the new jar file with the ip changed i will make a new jar client exctrictly for the webclient pages untill then i will have to ask both the current dragonscapers and to all new dragonscapers to download our jar client ill update this thread as soon as the webclient problem is solved.

Ok guys both webclient links have been updated and both webclient pages now work remember that our custom webclient page will have a custom song included (if you don't like the song please let me know and i will try to add more than just one note that the song will only play when you open that custom webclient page on internet explorer

Server Updates / In-Game commands list [LAST UPDATED ON 27/06/2015]
« on: September 09, 2013, 08:16:30 pm »
Spoiler: For commands (hover to show)

This are the commands for now as we add more commands (Excluding staff commands) ill keep the list updated if you have any suggestion feel free to use ::suggest [suggestion] in-game or make a post in our suggestion board located Here.

EDITE #1: As we entered in beta stage the member commands apart from mz/memberzone have become avaliable for players spawn as been once again enable untill eco is fully finished Please Check The latest post related to the Server's Beta Stage for the commands that were enabled to players aswell as new commands tha might have been added.

SIDE NOTE: For players that knew about the FCGEAR command the command has been re-enabled to players once more when we enter in economy command will be disable to players again and only players that get premission will be able to use the command.

Events / Christmas Event!
« on: August 13, 2013, 06:11:36 pm »
For the 1st time ever on DragonScape we will have a Christmas event on 23, 24 and 25 of december as well on 30 31 of december along wit hthe 1st of january to celebrate christmas aswell as the new year!

The following items will be dropping all over the map on those days

All Partyhats
A Rubber Chicken
A Santa Hat
All Hween Masks
A Basket Of Eggs(Note 1)
A Christmas Cracker(Note 2)
And a Set Of Bunny Ears

Note 1: Note that you need to be donator to wield the basket of eggs if you aren't donator it will not gonna let you wear it

Note 2: Christmas Cracker doesn't work when used on players yet i will try have that fixed ASAP if i can't get it fixed untill the event i will try make it useable on Santa you will receive a random item when you use it and yes partyhats will be on the list aswell Christmas Cracker was fixed you can use it on santa for a random coloured party hat.

Remember to be online during this days as the server gets restarted 10 minutes after the drop

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