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Topics - Catherina

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Server Updates / Loyalty Titles Update
« on: July 12, 2015, 04:33:34 pm »
Dear players the loyalty titles have been updated i'm sorry to have said that there were 705 loyalty titles added i was wrong i just eddited the titles and according to the default titles wich end on id 87 i have made the custom titles in order after the last default title currently there are 166 titles the custom title id is no longer 900 it has been changed to 166 and from now on titles will be added in order so new titles will start on id 167 and forward. Players having the following titles will have the title removed (this only applies if the player does not have the rank corresponding to the title and uses it to pretend to be a member of the staff team along with this the last rule applies aswell "No staff impressions alowed that will blow all your chances to EVER become staff and will get you jailed for 3 hours."):

title 89 = Admin (You must be admin to be able to use this title)

title 90 = Mod (You must be mod or higher to use this title)

title 91 = Supporter (You must be support or higher to use this title)

title 92 = Donator (You must have premision from the owner to use this title)

title 93 = Extreme Donator (You must have premision from the owner to use this title)

title 94 = Gold Donator (You must have premision from the owner to use this title)

title 122 = Member (You must be a member to use this title)

title 124 = Developer (You must be part of the development team or have premission from the owner to be able to use this title

title 125 = Maxed (you must be able to claim max cape to use this title)

title 126 = The Completionist (You must be able to claim completionist cape to use this title)

Players using this titles without having the requriments for them will have the titles removed

Side note: Skillers might not be able to claim The Completionist title since like their name say they do not train combat skills they will be able to get the Maxed title though

Side note #2: 99 Dungeoneering has been added as a skill requeriment to claim max cape this can mess with skillers up since the only way to train dungeoneering at the moment is by killing the level 138 npcs at ::traindung skillers can either be given dungeoneering lamps so they can raise the dungeoneering level up to level 99 or they can ask me for the secret command that will only be given to skillers so they get 14m on the dungeoneering skill.

Anouncements / Beta Stage
« on: July 09, 2015, 10:58:09 am »
Dear players as we enter in beta stage member features have been temporary disabled you are temporary able to spawn untill we enter in the Economy phase all member+ command except ::mz have now been made free a ::openshop command has been temporary added wich will open any shop added in game (currently max is 153). Expect some items to be unspawnable though i will leave bellow the new commands that have temporary been opened.



















;;skills (this command wil give you 20m xp on slayer and hunter)







At the moment all this commands have been open for everyone ;;openshop has been temporary added once we enter in economy the command will be disabled or even removed since admins already have the ;;shop command so they don't require another command that does the same.

Anouncements / New Server
« on: July 07, 2015, 10:55:05 am »
Dear Players While the server is being developed i will be opening a second server this second server will look exactly like the current one apart from it being to test new content that might be added in the feature before it is added to the main server this is to avoid multiple restarts on the main server it will be like a beta server and it WILL have spawn enabled wich means ALL items will be spawnable including member items i will be changing it a little so players get member right on login so you can get all features (excluding staff features) I'll be putting the Beta Client on forums soon.

SIDE NOTE: Note that the beta server will not be online 24/7 but the main one is online 24/7.

SIDE NOTE #2: Accounts on the beta server (that were trasnferes from the main server) have been deleted (this will not interfer with your progress on the main server).

Anouncements / Staff Positions
« on: July 04, 2015, 12:28:22 pm »
Dear Players,

I'm glad to let you know that after the christmas event and the New Year Account Reset all staff team will be fully reseted and i will be looking for new staff this time there is no free staff give away you must prove you're worth the rank you will start with supporter and will need to make your way up to admin (max rank Owner and Co Owner ranks are out of this). For the Co-owner/Owner Ranks you need to prove me you know how to code because those two ranks are developer ranks only (there might be an exception and you still only get able to be admin but still help coding). You will not receive support rank right away you will need to be helpfull for players and only after you prove that you're worth the supporter rank your road for admin will start breaking any rules after receiving the supporter rank will get you one level lower Ex: You are admin you get demoted to mod, if you are mod you get demoted to support and if you are support you get removed from the staff team (this only applies depending on the severity of the rule broken).

Anouncements / New Year's Reset
« on: July 02, 2015, 12:03:09 pm »
Dear players we are sorry to inform you that on 1st january 2016 all accounts including staff accounts will be reseted this is to make it fair to everyone and with this reset rules will be updated according to the state of the server rule-breakers will be punished according to the broken rule staff breaking the staff rules will be punished (NO MATTER HOW HIGH THEIR RANK IS) for staff the worst punishment will be demotion (this only applies depending on the severity of the broken rule).

#EDIT: The new client (V2) without the "Spawn" name will be released 2-3 days (depending on how busy i might be) before the reset if webclient and desktop links don't get updated by that time then the links will be updated at the time of the reset since i have not yet jarred the V2 client.

Anouncements / Server Reset!
« on: May 08, 2015, 05:28:48 pm »
Hello dear players some of you might know that we are on a transition to economy well, i can now say that we are heading the right way all accounts have been reseted for  a fresh start even tho those who donated will receive their rank back.

Anouncements / Server Changes
« on: May 06, 2015, 03:51:27 pm »
Hello dear players, we are here today to decide if our server should be turned into economy or if it should be kept as spawn please vote and help us decide. The poll will be opened for 30 days.

Server Updates / *Development Log* [LAST UPDATE - 22/07/2015]
« on: April 14, 2015, 12:41:55 am »

14/6/15 - ::altars command has been added wich contains all the altars except the refill special one.

14/6/15 - Masters hideout has been changed to the lava flow mine.

14/6/15 - Home has been changed to the masters hideout.

14/6/15 - Shops/teleports/objects that were at old home were moved to the new home apart from altars.

23/6/15 - Spawner rank added.

23/6/15 - Member rank as been added it last for 30 days before it runs out.

23/6/15 - donator/super/extreme/unspawnable items have been turned into member+ items.

23/6/15 - Spawners are now unable to copy players with the same rank or without the rank.

23/6/15 - Everything from donator+ has been changed to member features.

23/6/15 - Member title has been added.

24/6/15 - permanent member has been added (due to a bug with the monthly membership).

24/6/15 - easter ring and ring of stone are both wearable now and will turn the player into a random egg and into a stone (players won't be able to walk while transformed to transform back to the egg/stone ring must be re-equiped.

24/6/15 - bunny ears will now transform the player into a bunny players WILL be able to walk while on bunny form (to leave the bunny form either re-log or unequip the bunny ears. By relogging you will need to re-equip the ears to become a bunny again).

24/6/15 - Bunny ears now have a variaty of new bunnies.

24/6/15 - Squirrel ears now transform you into either a squirrel or a raccoon.

25/6/15 - Title Shading has been added.

25/6/15 - Glacors combat script has been added

25/6/15 - Spawner rank is only able to spawn using ::itemn for some reason (and it requires member to be able to spawn member items).

25/6/15 - ::glacors teleport has been added wich teleports the player to the glacors cave.

25/6/15 - Glacors added to their cave.

26/6/15 - Gnome advanced agility arena added.

27/6/15 - Rare shop has been re-activated once again it no longer belongs togheter with the donation shop because the items/ranks to donate for have been changed.

02/7/15 - ::report and ::staffreport commands added.

04/7/15 - Glacors Runescape Drops have been added to Glacors at ::glacors.

04/7/15 - Glacors and Vorago stats have been lowered they now have the same stats as tormented demons.

04/7/15 - Vorago now will respawn 2x faster and glacors will spawn 4x faster.

04/7/15 - Vorago life points have been raised from 60k to 120k.

04/7/15 - Glacors life points have been raised from 5k to 30k (life points prior to the update of Legacy Mode).

04/7/15 - Creation of the orb of armadyl is now possible it requires 100 armadyl shards (drop can be found on glacors) and level 77 crafting.

04/7/15 - Creation of the armadyl battlestaff is now possible it requires level 77 crafting.

04/7/15 - Staff can now reset the loyalty points of offline players.

05/7/15 - Mystery cracker has been given an interface when open.

07/7/15 - Admins with premisson to the demote command are now able to demote other admins (abuse of this command will get automatically demotion and jail for 3 days).

08/7/15 - Woodcutting skilling are has been added located at ::woodcutting.

09/7/15 - Spawning has been enable and most member features have been enabled for players except for the member zone teleport.

09/7/15 - Players can now use ::openshop [shop id] to open any shop that is added on the server (even those that players can not acess through a NPC ingame.

09/7/15 - Server is now in beta stage while the economy changes get done.

09/7/15 - 95% of server items are now spawnable apart from staff only items and unspawnable items.

09/7/15 - Member items have been disabled for now while on beta stage.

15/7/15 - Shorter unspawnables list.

15/7/15 - Obliteration staff and annihalition maul added (obliteration is not fully finished and players are not allowed to use it any player caught with the staff will have the staff removed automatically.
15/7/15 - Vote/members/pk/dung/loyalty/prod shops have now an internal currency.

15/7/15 - Pking no longer give tokens it will now give the actually pvp points.

15/7/15 - Loyalty system no longer gives the tokens it will only administrate the points like it does but without the runecrafting guild tokens.

15/7/15 - Dungeoneering Npcs will now give dungeoneering tokens when killed.

16/7/15 - Rusty coins have been removed from the dungeoneering npcs drops coins will be raised to compensate that and mabye dungeoneering items will be added to them.

16/7/15 - Prestige system added with 25 different prestige levels, titles and shops.

16/7/15 - Level 2 prestige shop has been added (shop prices need a small edit).

16/7/15 - Every prestige level gained will give acess to a new shop and title but at the same time lose acess to a lower level shop (titles can still be got but if you do not have the prestige level to have it you will get it removed).

16/7/15 - Level 25 prestige is now required to wear completionist cape.

16/7/15 - Level 5 prestige is now required to wear max cape.

16/7/15 - Resetaccount command will now reset players level to 1 (hp to 10) and xp to 0 (hp xp is setted to 1154).

16/7/15 - Resetaccount command will now reset all points the account might have aswell as the prestige level.

16/7/15 - Resetaccount command has been edited it will not reset levels/xp/title of the player in this case the account will be logged in for a full reset (bank and inventory are still not reseted for now).

17/7/15 - Max cape total level was raised to 2475.

17/7/15 - Max cape now requires level 2 prestige to be worn.

17/7/15 - Completionist cape now requires 100 points of all godwars bosses to be worn.

17/7/15 - Completionist cape now requires a boss rating of 5000 to be worn.

17/7/15 - Completionist cape now requires 50k of corporeal beast points to be worn.

17/7/15 - Completionist cape now requires atleast 250k of loyalty points to be worn so make sure to save your loyalty points going bellow this value will make you unable to wear the cape if you meet all other requeriments.
17/7/15 - Obliteration devour option will only hit 55hp on players that are on a distance of 2 squares.

17/7/15 - Obliteration has now a special attack that uses magic

17/7/15 - Annihilation now requires level 90 attack strength and defence to be worn.

17/7/15 - Obliteration now requires level 90 magic to be worn.

17/7/15 - A sound has been added to players when they receive a private message.

17/7/15 - Annihilation gravitate option will now teleport players in a distance of 50 squares from the user (it can save players who teleport to enakhra by mistake).

17/7/15 - Obliteration will now damage all npcs in a 10 square range. The use of this weapon in places like home/shops and bosses will have the item removed.

17/7/15 - Annihilation and Obliteration specs have been modified both weapons now can spec two times.

18/5/15 - Devour spell has been added it works on both players and npcs and it replaces the earth surge spell due to be a level 90 magic spell and the weapon needs level 90 magic to be wield (this was necessary to avoid the obliteration devour option bug killing all npcs in a range of 4 squares).

18/7/15 - Completionist cape stand upgraded it now requires all the requeriments of trimmed completionist cape since its the cape it gives for 5m.

18/7/15 - Completionist cape stand dialogue and requeriments finished.

19/7/15 - Slayer has been added as suggested by a player.

19/7/15 - Barbarian and gnome advanced agility areas will now count as a req for agile top and legs 200 for gnome and 250 for barbarian.

19/7/15 - Unlocking full agile outfit is now required to claim and wear completionist cape.

22/7/15 - Slayer system tottaly re-added.

22/7/15 - ::slayerkills has been added it will tell the player what task they currently have and how many monsters left for the task to finish.

22/7/15 - ::slayerpoints has been added it will tell the player how many slayer points they currently have.

27/7/15 - made a small tweak on the reset account command so it will reset the slayer points of the choosed account.

27/7/15 - ::points command now shows the total of slayer points the player has.


Completionist requeriments interface is not showing up if you have unlocked agile outfit (this has not been tottaly proved since i used a command to give the laps and im too lazy to go actually complete 450 laps to see if the outfit appears unlocked on the inferface).

Anouncements / Servers Comming back!
« on: April 11, 2015, 01:00:14 pm »
Hello fellow players after a long time offline i can now assure you that our servers will be online soon for now you might get a chance of finding our spawn server online as i'll be looking for items that turned unspawnable and are not yet in the unspawnables list. Regarding to our Eco server you will not be finding it online untill i update the links because the server was changed and the links are outdated, The link to download the spawn client will be updated soon aswell because our client version was updated from V10 to V12. This is it for now i will let everyone know when both servers are up and running for now our spawn server is online

Anouncements / Eco Server Changes
« on: April 03, 2015, 04:01:11 pm »
Hello everyone after a long thinking i thought that due to the logs on our current eco server costing max cash (and i tryied multiple times to fix that but it keeps changing back to max cash), i thought in changing our ECO source the new eco source contains the following content:

Source Content:

* fixed the owner commands that didnt work (givesupport, master etc)
* xp modes (easy, medium, hard, insane)
* Ganodermic / Grifolic / Fungale / Polypore staff making like real Rs
* Whip and Dark bow coloring system
* Thieving stall xp table issues should be fixed now.
* Moneymaking have been nerfed.
* Drop Rates have been nerfed.
* slayer task changing can be done with cash now.
* Taniing system Added. Talk to Ellis at home to Tan hides!
* ::Mode Command added, which show Your current Xp mode
* Added different Zones for each donator ranks. (With extra Benefits)
* PestQueen added into game. Do ::Pq To get her!
* Fishing Store added back to fishing guild (Somehow it was removed there)
* Few doors should be fixed in vip zone
* xp modes
* poly staff making
* gano making
* off hands
* new donator zone
* new extreme donator zone
* new vipzone
* donator boss
* pest queen
* chaotics claws
* Taniing system Added. Talk to Ellis at home to Tan hides!
* PestQueen added into game. Do ::Pq To get her!
* Added Ganodermic / Grifolic / Fungale / Polypore staff making like real Rs, Also working on degrade system. (our spawn server now as grifolic fungale and gano making aswell)
* Added Whip & Dark bow coloring system into Game. (im pretty sure our spawn server got this one aswell)
* darious
* party demon
* some bugs are fixed
* vorago
* blink
* Celestial Armour
* Zephyrium Armour
* Handcannon
* Cannooners
* G.E Bug fixed (Server no longer lags when you use G.E
* Almost all shops are re-orginazed
-All skilsl working
- 100% Soulwars working like RuneScape! (might add this to our spawn server aswell to add a new minigame to it)
- Item Lending working 100%
- Dragonfire Shield with Special Attack!
- Godwars with Killcount Needed to pass to next stage!
- Flowering and Dicing for Hosting Gambling
- Pest Control Working Exactly Like RuneScape (100%) (might add it to our spawn server aswell)
- Custom Dungeoneering System
- Recipe for Disaster
- Dominion Tower with Dominion Factor Points Shop. (might add only the shop as it is only missing the dominion factor shop)
- Duel Arena Working just Like RuneScape
- Glacors with Working Minions and Double HP Bars
- Teleport Hub System (Talk to Tree to Teleport Around)
- All Bosses with good Drop Rates
- Server Notified when Users get a good Drop
- Squeal Of Fortune Working 100% Like RuneScape Showing Bought, Earned and Daily Spins.
- Warrior Guild with Defender Drops
- Castle Wars working exactly like RuneScape
- Nice ways to make money
- Fight Caves (63 Waves)
- Fight Kiln (36 Waves)
- Grand Exchange
- Clan Chat System (do not confund this chat with the FC the eco server does have Clan chat added aswell as friend chat)
- Dungeoneering
- Working Notes
- Fishing Store added back to fishing guild (Somehow it was removed there)
- Few doors should be fixed in vip zone
- new bosses

Side note: The Super Donator rank recently added on our spawn server was based on the Vip rank from the Eco server.

Some of the customs that are added on the server

** Mod Armours **
Mod Hat;
Mod Chest;
Mod Legs;
Mod Boots;
Ninja Sword;

** Gold Athlete's **


** Werewolf **


** Morytania Legs **

Legs 1;
Legs 2;
Legs 3;
Legs 4;

** Wicked outfit **


** Dragon Ceremonial **


** Queen's Guard **


** fishing Outfit **


** Party Demon Stuff **

200m Glasses;
Boogie Bow;

** Shark Gloves **

Gloves 1;
Gloves 2;
Gloves 3;
Gloves 4;

** Lord outfit **


** cooking Outfit **


** Dragon Rider **


** Custom Partyhats **

Aqua Partyhat;
Cyan Partyhat;
Pink Partyhat;
Lime Partyhat;
CamoGreen Partyhat;
Orange Partyhat;
Black Partyhat;
Bronze Partyhat;
Lava Partyhat;

** Custom Masks **

Cyan Mask;
Aqua Mask;
Pink Mask;
Lime Mask;
Orange Mask;
Black Mask;
Purple Mask;
White Mask;
Yellow Mask;

** Custom Santa hats **

Purple Santahat;
White Santahat;
Pink Santahat;
Black Santahat;
Cyan Santahat;
Orange Santahat;
Blue Santahat;
Green Santahat;
Yellow Santahat;
Lime Santahat;
Bronze Santahat;
DarkBlue Santahat;

** Upgrade Tokhaars **


** Random Capes **

Master Quest Cape;
5b Cape;

** Master Capes ** (master capes might be added to our spawn server aswell aswell as the master divination cape be added to the eco server)

Divination (this cape is only added on our spawn server at the moment and it does not have a skill cape only the master cape);

** Misc **
Guy Fawkes Mask;
Razor whip;
Flame whip;
Scarecrow mask;

** Off-hands **

Drygore Rapier offhand;
Drygore Longsword offhand;
Drygore Mace offhand;
Ascension Crossbow Offhand;

** New Weapons **

Chaotic Claws;
Ascension Crossbow;
Brutal Whip;

** Sirenic **

Sirenic mask;
Sirenic hauberk;
Sirenic Chaps;

** Tectonic **

Tectonic mask;
Tectonic robe top;
Tectonic robe bottom;

** Malevolent **

Malevolent helm;
Malevolent cuirass;
Malevolent greaves;

** Deathlotus **


** Seasinger's **


** Tetsu **


** Tier 90 Shields **

Malevolent kiteshield;
Vengeful kiteshield;
Merciless kiteshield;

** New Rings **

Treasonous Ring;
Tyrannical Ring;
Ring of the gods;

** Wings **

Demon Wings;
Angel Wings;

** NPC's **


And many more might be added i will be trying to add some of this customs on the spawn source especially the wings, the rings, seasinger's, tetsu, the tier 90 shields, the brutal whip and some others

Server Updates / Latest Server Updates [23/02/2015]
« on: February 09, 2015, 09:42:15 pm »
Hello everyone server continues to be updated the new updates will be setted below:

New pets added:

All godwars bosses including nex

Corporeal beast

Tormented demon

King black dragon

Queen black dragon

and vorago (vorago has been added as boss aswell only Vibbs knew that i had already added vorago pet once but cache got corrupted after i tryied to add the boss and i didn't had a backup of it therefore most of the new custom items that were added were lost in the process vorago pet might be changed to vitalis not sure yet at the moment it is just a miniature of vorago)

Non-boss pet added:

Sister Catherina - This pet can only be used by the owner unless the player has premission from the owner to use it this pet has not been resized only been given the pick-up and interact-with options aswell as a level of 16959 but it does not fight against npcs/players aswell as the other boss pets

Client login music as changed when server comes back online i will let you know wich song was choosed for it :p

[NEWST UPDATE DONE ON 09/02/2015 at 9:35PM]:

The song Scape Original has been replaced with the login music for those players that like the login music they will have it in the game aswell

Drop updates:

The pets scrolls have been added to their respective npcs note that vorago is not yet player fightable as it is not spawned in-game as his drops still need to be finished at the moment he only drops the pet scroll at a rate of 15% chance and big bones with a 100% drop rate due to it only having 2 items its mostly likely to see him droping the pet scroll frequently because of that i haven't spawned him in-game untill his drops are finished

EDIT#1: Newst update after 3 attempts before to add master divination cape is has now been added to the game divination will not be added sadly (due to the server revision being too low for the items and objects the skill requieres)

White torva platebody has been re-added it was the only missing piece of the white torva set

Corruption cape will be added aswell (remember only extreme donators will have acess to this cape

Below is a preview of the master divination cape (it is based on the dungeoneering master cape it has no bonus at the moment but its bonus will be the same as the dungeoneering master cape)

Super Donator rank has been added

Super donator cape (based off the donator cape with the same layout as the divination cape)

And this is the updates for now guys keep in touch for more updates comming soon server is being updated almost daily

Request For A Custom Pet / Request For A Custom Pet
« on: January 31, 2015, 04:35:34 pm »
To request any npc as a pet remember to follow the next steps:

NPC NAME/ID(with id is easier to find the npc):

note that the item used to use the pet will mostly be a clue scroll with its name changed to the npc name with either baby in the begining or just the npc name depending on the npc

Anouncements / New Pets!
« on: January 30, 2015, 01:18:55 pm »
Hello everyone. Ever wondered if it was possible to have your favourite boss folowing you around? Well now it is we introduce you the boss pets at the moment we have Corporeal beast (with original sounds and walking animation) Comander Zilyana (it has original walking animation and sounds) and original Queen Black Dragon with animation and sounds! At the moment we only have this 3 pets but more will be added and there will be a new feature players can choose having any npc they want as a pet

To request a custom pet please use this board.


The following pets have been added:

pets already added

all 5 god wars bosses

corporeal beast

queen black dragon

tormented demon

Kaphite queen both forms


Sunfreet (this pet as been added with growing it consumes sunflowers and grows from the level 80 npc to the lvl 530)

Vorago as once again been added as pet and as boss aswell the item name will say vitalis but the pet will be vorago as i've still not been able to add vitalis (due to the lack of the .dat model and being trying to add it with only the ints of the pet)

owner's personal pet added - sister catherina (this pet can only be used by the owner unless owner gives premission for someone to use it. This pet has not been changed nor resized the only change it had was a pick-up and interact-with options added and 164k combat level setted)

new pets to be added note that 2 of the pets bellow might be already added (this goes more for sea troll queen and penance queen as im not sure if i already added them

ice queen (mabye not sure yet)

sea troll queen

penance queen

pest queen

party demon

evil chicken

dagannoths to be added hopefully with growing (since there is only 6 mothers and 7 dagannoths only 6 dagannoths will be added so each one grows to a coloured mother the dagannoth bosses will probabbly be added separately a shop with the food for the dagannoths will be added when they are all added)


each coloured Dagannoth mother will be added

Dagannoth mother
Dagannoth mother
Dagannoth mother
Dagannoth mother
Dagannoth mother
Dagannoth mother

kiln monsters - the jad that appears on kiln will be added as a
pet instead of the jad from fight caves just because it already has a pet

TzHaar-Ket (Hardened)
TzHaar-Xil (Hardened)
TokHaar-Ket Champion
Lava monster

Ice demon

Note that all pets will be in their original level and they will not fight against other players nor npcs (probabbly untill i find out how to give them a pet vs npc script wich is currently being worked on as a test on corp pet)

Anouncements / New Customs! [LAST UPDATED ON 04/02/2015]
« on: January 02, 2015, 01:16:18 am »
Dear players the server has gotten some new custom items such as:

-Corruption Cape (its a cape with the wings from supreme corruption aura, if possible the cape will have the same stats as the aura incase the aura has no stats i'll just add some low random ones)

-Cupid Wings (wings have currently no stats they might get some stats soon mabye)

-Saradomin Wings

-Full White Torva (except boots and gloves

-Torva Cape

-Dragonbone ssword (this sword is based on the dominion sword therefore is a 2h sword

this were the customs that were added today

the following items will be unspawnable:

-Saradomin Wings (will be added as a rare drop to zilyana currently the wings have no stats but they will be added soon mabye)

-Full White Torva (as the name says it its torva but since its not normal torva will be unspawnable and will be added as a new nex drop with a small change on the drop rate will not be as rare as saradomin wings this armour as double the stats as normal torva has)

-Torva Cape (since will be a new item that will be dropped by nex wich nex doesn't usually drops capes expecially a torva cape lol it willbe unspawnable and a rare drop from nex like saradomin wings with a higher rate than sara wings this cape has the same stats as the completionist cape)

-Dragonbone Sword (as the name says this sword is the newest addiction to the best armour set ingame the dragonbone armour it will also be unspawnable like the armour is and will be a rare drop from ::ultimatezone its drop rate will be the same as the armour for the old players that remember ultimatezone the armour drop rate was changed from 15% to 1% due to its good stats the sword itself alone isn't very good since it has low stats but along with the full armour it might be good)

The following items will be extreme donator only:

-Corruption Cape (Since it is based on the Supreme Corruption aura except for the cape this item will become an Extreme donator item)

And its all for now i'll keep this post updated as new customs come out.

#EDIT: Dear players due to cache problems the new custom items that were added had to be removed but to cover that Boss Pets have been added The customs will be re-added but some of them (the ones that might come with a MQO file will receive a drop model apart from white torva since the drop models have already been made and are ready to be added

Server Updates / Newest updates!
« on: December 30, 2014, 06:43:28 pm »
Even though our server is offline it is still getting updates the following has been either newly added to the game or is in current development

runescape 2011 halloween event has been added (not quite like it was on RS but much easier than it was on rs)

Bone Brooch has been added with emote and gfx (it had to due to it being the halloween reward but it needs to be fixed so the emote and gfx stay and don't dissapear

Vorago pet has been added but due to cache corruption when i tryied to add the boss after adding the pet i will need to be re-adding when server gets online i will make a poll to decide between the pet or the boss (note that it will not be vitalis wich is the actual pet it will simply be a resized version of vorago and it will act like a pet cat it will not attack npcs)

Bone Brooch and easter ring will no longer be spawnable since the bone brooch is a halloween reward and the easter ring will be a easter reward (when i figure out some coordinates for the easter event

a new spell replacing iban blast (wich wasn't added) has been added it has the same requeriments as the iban blast apart from the fact that you are not able to spawn the Iban's staff since the spell is an admin+ spell due to 1hit everything apart from bosses admins are not allowed to use the spell in pvp areas.

regarding to the halloween event the portal appears in the clan camp since halloween has passed the event will not be enabled untill next year's halloween note that the place will change it will probabbly be changed to somewhere near draynor.

Golden cracker will soon have a Crack option like christmas cracker has, opening it will give you the golden hammer that might soon do something i don't know about that yet.

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